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Tea is more than a drink.  Each cup of tea provides you a chance to sense the wisdom of Chan (Zen).  While practicing Chan (Zen) you also taste the transformation from astringent to smooth to lasting pleasant flavor in tea.

Chinese don’t use the word of “Dao” easily because Chinese knew it is a very deep and complex that not everyone can reach.  Dao is not limited to any religion.  It is not a simple translation of “way” or a kind of thought, but a continuous learning in life.   Even though enlightenment is hard to reach but yet it is easy to begin with.

Whoever wants to understand the complexity in Wu-Wei (無為) must seek for the enlightenment in Wu-Wou(無我). The learning journey begins from a cup of tea.

Wu-Wou Tea Club provides an exchange platform for tea lovers.  When enjoying a cup of tea together, we learn and practice the essence of mutual respect; through traditional tea ceremony it facilitates a moving meditation to reach the inner peace.

Wu-Wou Tea Club is organized by Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre which was founded by Mei Lan Hsiao in Antwerp.  Mei Lan born in Taiwan who loved tea and Chinese tea culture since her youth and her passion grew stronger since living in Belgium.

Mei Lan started to promote quality of tea and Chinese tea culture in Belgium in 1995.  Wu-Wou Tea Club meant to provide tea lovers a network platform to enhance their learning in tea.  It meant to help Belgian and international tea lovers to learn more about the essence of true, purity, calm and tranquility that forged in Chinese culture.   It further recognizes the value of collective harmony through traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Starting from October 2012, tea lovers can get together in Wu-Wou Tea Club every 3rd Saturday of the month in Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre.  For more information, please contact Mei Lan Hsiao, GSM: 0494-506899 or email:

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