Chinese traditional energy & self-healing exercises

First of all, we would like to clarify that the Taiji that we are practicing is not same Taiji Chuan lesson. We refer back to source of Taiji, two contrast energies Yin and Yang that coexistence and constantly in the process of stimulating and balancing for a mean of harmony. In Yin there is Yang and vice versa Yin in Yang, it influences everything in our world, our daily life and the universe.


Qigong (ch'i kung), is a general description for different traditional meditative and energy exercises based on the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine and there are more than 3000 different forms.
Daoyin ,has been practiced by Chinese more than thousands of year, nobody really know how long. But we do know Taoists practice Daoyin to improve health condition with the hope for longevity, i.e. Wu Chun Si (documentation can be found in the Later Han Dynasty in 4th century), Ba Duan Jing (Song Dynasty in 10th century), etc. In Taoism,

Daoyin Qigong ,is also known as "Medical Qigong" . The archaeological discovery in Ma-Wang-Duei/Hunan in 1972 confirmed more than 2000 years ago Chinese dancers already have learnt to improve and maintain their flexibility and suppleness through Daoyin exercises. In the 14th Century, Chen Style Taiji Chuan was first formed, then followed by Yang Style in the 18th/early 19th century, and then Sun, Wu, Wou Styles. Different styles of Taiji Chuan share the same principle that they blend the self-defense techniques in Wushu with Qi flow through meridian concepts into a form base exercise.

, "Nourishing Qi (energy) Enabling Suppleness" written in Dao Te Jing by Lao Tze is a perfect motto that we practice in Taiji Daoyin Qigong, in which we learn to listen the rhythm of our body. Taiji Daoyin Qigong is not a form based but a thorough relaxation exercise focuses on the improvement of energy flow and physical functions for better health in body, energy and mind.

Dao, means "Leading" and Yin, as "Guiding", through gentle stretching, correct movements, self-massage and breathing techniques, everyone can benefit:

-- Relief stress from body and mind
-- Enhance suppleness and flexibility
-- Stimulate self-healing by releasing energy blocks
-- Strengthen inner peace and harmony

Program & Schedule
Taiji Daoyin Qigong
Aartselaar Sportcentrum (Dojo Zaal), Kleistraat 204, B-2630 Aartselaar
Every Sunday from 10:30 - 12:30
Flexible payment choice:
-- Pay per lesson, or
-- 10-lesson card valid in 6 months . With the same card you can attend Daoyin Qigong and with the combination of Meditation & Self-massage (1 point for 2 lessons), or
-- Monthly membership - As a member, you can enjoy 10% discount for attending Chinese tea ceremony and 5% discount for purchasing tea
Corporate training and individual coaching are available. Please contact us for more information.
For Meditation & Self-massage lesson:
Paul van Ostayenlaan 12, B-2050 Linkeroever/Antwerpen
Every Tue. & Wed. from 20:00 - 21:00 (reservation is required)