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chan cha 02Welcome to Belgium Chinese Tea Arts Centre.

An unique centre for tea and Chinese tea culture, closes to the cneter of Antwerp, Belgium.

Tea is very healthy drink ONLY IF we know how to select, to prepare and to drink.   Tea is more than a cup of drink, but a way of living and awakening self-awareness for innter-self, peace, calm and tranqulity.

  • Pure & Authentic Quality Tea – We work closely with tea farmers and tea masters in Taiwan and China to ensure pure and authentic quality tea.
  • Tea workshop – Learning six major categories of tea, knowing how to select according to the change of physical conditions and seasons; learning simple mannier of preparing a cup of tea and how to enjoy the true taste.
  • Tea Degustartion – enjoy a pot of fine quality in a peaceful private tea museum
  • Chinsee tea ceremony – Tea is more than a cup of fine taste healthy drink, but it is a way of living and deepening the learning process to reach the essence of purity, tranquility, calm and peace.

For more information, please contact Mei Lan Hsiao either by phone, Tel: (+32)0494-50 68 99 or via Email: info@chineseteaarts.com